How to enjoy life again...
after significant events

The Trauma Buster Technique (TBT®) is for eliminating symptoms of trauma.

Individual Sessions and Professional Training are now available in Australia.

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TBT® Individual Sessions

Enjoy rapid and permanent relief from disturbing memories. There is a way for your brain and body to truly resolve and move on from the effects of a big event.

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TBT® Training Workshops

Achieve outstanding results for your clients by adding TBT® to your professional toolkit. Become a Certified TBT® Practitioner and build your business.


We can’t avoid the ups and downs of life.

We CAN learn how to recover from them.

Rehana Webster, Developer and Founder of TBT®
Rehana Webster, Developer of TBT®
Rehana Webster, BSc, Developer and Founder of TBT®

“We are not able to change an event that happened in the past. However, with TBT® we are able to change the structure of the memory and thus how the event is re-experienced or remembered. The impact of TBT® is profound and permanent.”

There is hope and there are solutions...


Disclaimer: All information, services and products provided by Ingrid Weissmann and Malcolm Fowler are not meant to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease.

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