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What is a "trauma"? This 2-minute video explains.
What is TBT®?
TBT® is a mind-body technique designed to eliminate the symptoms of trauma and post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTS). It uncouples the memory of the traumatic experience from the effect in the body, thereby giving relief.
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TBT® Training is available in Australia!

Why Learn TBT®?

  • Have your clients ever struggled with negative memories which persist, despite your best efforts to help them?
  • Could big events from their past be impacting their reactions, stress levels and enjoyment of the present, preventing them from gaining the most from your treatment?
  • Does their concentration, work productivity and personal life suffer because of this?
  • Do you secretly dread seeing clients who have had traumas? Or feel ill-equipped, wishing you could be more effective when treating them?
  • Are you a practitioner who would love to reliably, efficiently and safely relieve the suffering of clients who have experienced a traumatic past?
  • Would you like to prevent the long-term consequences of unresolved trauma affecting the next generations?
  • Are you coachable and open to learning a new tool, which could help you achieve better results for your clients – and build your business?

How is TBT® Learnt?

  • Training in TBT® begins with a 3-day live online workshop, followed by case studies and supervision.
  • The Training is highly interactive, practical and experiential, with expert guidance every step of the way.
  • Participant numbers are kept small, for high-quality supervision. (4 to 8 people per workshop.)
  • Trainings are completed in a supportive, confidential environment.
  • Gentleness and compassion go hand-in-hand with learning TBT®.
  • TBT® is the perfect add-on modality for professional coaches or consultants, to provide an additional in-demand service for clients.
  • To become a Certified TBT® Practitioner, case studies must demonstrate a standard of professional proficiency in TBT®.
  • A comprehensive training manual is included.
  • Australian TBT® Trainings are held online, several times a year.
  • Attendance at a TBT® Training Workshop is subject to an application. It is not suitable for everyone.

Recent TBT® Training Participants

TBT® Training Participants (May 20)
Participants from the online TBT® Training Workshop (May 20).
TBT Training Participants ( Feb 20)
TBT Training Participants (Feb 20) - R to L: Broni, Dano, Tanya and Mel.
Dano and Siobah'n during a practical segment of the TBT® Training Workshop.
Dano and Siobha'n during a practical segment of the TBT® Training Workshop.

The Next TBT® Training in Australia - Online

  • Starts: Thursday 18th March to Saturday 20th March 2021.
  • This live, interactive workshop will be held online, via Zoom.
  • 9.30am till 5.00pm each day. Short segments and practical exercises.
  • This 3-day live workshop is followed by case studies and supervision.

How it works


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Certified TBT® Trainer for Australia

Ingrid Weissmann
Ingrid Weissmann
  • Ingrid Weissmann has been in private practice as a health professional since 1992.
  • She has been a Certified TBT® Practitioner since 2015, achieving great results for her clients.
  • Ingrid also works as a Personal Development Coach and is the creator of the 10-week course in personal development, the I AM Method®. Click here to see a selection of clients’ stories and testimonials.
  • Her qualifications include: Western Herbalism, Bowen Therapy, Natural Fertility Management, Loss and Grief Counselling, Co-dependency Counselling, Yoga and Meditation Teaching, plus TBT®.
  • Ingrid regularly gives public presentations as a guest speaker, as well as holding her own training workshops.
  • She was honoured to be invited to be the TBT® Trainer for Australia and is committed to relieving suffering.

The Origins of TBT®

  • TBT® was developed and fine-tuned by Australian Rehana Webster, BSc, over a period of 10 years, initially while working with inmates in a New Zealand prison, then with many different communities around the world.
  • Rehana is an internationally renowned practitioner. She is a Founding Master of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). She holds a degree in Biology/Anthropology from the University of Toronto.
  • She is recognised as a trainer of trainers by AAMET (Association for Advancement of Energy Therapies) and ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology).
  • Rehana has studied a wide range of mind-body energy therapies and specialised in the elimination of PTS symptoms, ultimately developing TBT®.
  • TBT® is a mind-body technique for the elimination of post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTS). It uses a combination of specific acupressure points and neurolinguistic programming, to uncouple the memory of the traumatic experience from the involuntary response in the body.
  • Rehana’s presentations are in high demand worldwide. They have taken her to Jordan, Lebanon, Philippines, Pakistan, Germany, Switzerland and France, with more countries to come.
  • Germany especially has embraced TBT®, to further resolve the impact of WWII and now for use with their Syrian refugee citizens, many of whom have suffered severe traumas.
  • Victims of abuse, war, accidents, natural disasters, refugees, soldiers, paramedics, addicted people in rehabilitation, perpetrators of crimes, as well as everyday adults and children who have experienced shocking situations as part of normal life, have all benefitted from TBT®.
  • Rehana and her certified trainers have trained numerous social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, doctors, complementary therapists and lay people in TBT®.
  • Rehana’s international website lists the global community of Certified TBT® Trainers and Practitioners.
  • The worldwide hunger – and need – for this gentle and highly effective technique continues to grow.
Rehana Webster, Developer and Founder of TBT®
Rehana Webster, Developer of TBT®

TBT® presented at United Nations

  • On 4th June 2019, Isabelle Levrat, Certified TBT® Trainer from France, presented TBT® at a United Nations meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • This meeting of NGO Officials discussed UN Sustainable Development Goals – ways to address the world’s most pressing societal challenges, by 2030.
  • Isabelle’s presentation was very well-received, with many enquiries and great interest from the audience.
  • As a result, TBT® is now being considered by numerous NGOs as a leading technique for the resolution of traumatic symptoms.
Isabelle Levrat presenting TBT® at United Nations (June 2019)
Isabelle Levrat, Certified TBT<sup>®</sup> Trainer, presents TBT<sup>®</sup> to the UN.

Freedom from post-traumatic stress is available at last...

Disclaimer: All information, services and products provided by Ingrid Weissmann and Malcolm Fowler are not meant to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease.

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